April Trip #1: Off to Richmond

Sky graduates high school next month.
Sky graduates high school next month.

Just a quick note, since I’m in the midst of packing for the weekend in Richmond. I don’t even know why I need directions. We go there every year for this competition.


The difference, though, is that this time it’s just me and Skyler, and we’re both closely watching what we eat. Usually when the boys come, there’s a large assortment of chocolate candy and cookies, along with somewhat healthier fare.

And no, I’m not blaming poor choices on them; rather, I admit to using them as an excuse for my own indulgence – even though we’re all chocoholics.

This time, the room snacks will consist of bottles of water and Pepsi Max, lite juices and a selection of Nature Valley items – fruit and nut bars, nutty granola bars. A small selection of apples, pears and bananas. Maybe some fat-free Oreos. (I said we’re chocoholics.)

It will cost a great deal more than candy, but not in the long run, right?

The hotel has a small workout room, a fab swimming pool and a whirlpool. I’ll pass on the latter, because I went to the Jacuzzi at my gym three weeks ago and, you guessed, the rash came back. Not as big and bad as last time, but was itchy and irritating for a week. Clearly it’s something in the water, but I’m OK in the heat of the sauna.

I can only remember one or two times in the past seven years that I’ve taken advantage of a hotel’s exercise room.  Some are pretty bare, but that’s no reason not to do … something.

And this time, I’ll be doing a lot of walking around downtown Richmond. It’s lovely and historic, and I am a closet American history buff. Saturday’s supposed to be pretty nice outside, so I’ll be sure to pack my beat-up tennies and try to knock off a pound or two.


Much of the weekend will be spent at the convention center cheering on all the squads of Elite Cheer & Dance, though I’ll be packing my laptop and several books, including my self-esteem workbook (boo, hiss). The overarching goal is to relax and decompress, so I’m actually looking forward to the three-hour road trip (OK, two hours, because I’m driving).

Have a great weekend.

Not all those who wander are lost.  ~  J.R.R. Tolkien

Leslie J. Ansley is an award-winning journalist and entrepreneur who blogs daily for TheRoot. She lives in Raleigh, NC.