No, you didn't read the date on this story incorrectly. It really is 2011. In a story involving allegations that sound like they belong in the civil rights era or earlier (seriously, does even the most racist person in this day and age care about the color of the person bringing them the bar food and blue beverages?), an African-American woman has filed a discrimination complaint against Applebee's, claiming that the manager in the Towson, Md., restaurant where she worked allowed her to serve only tables taken by black customers, and fired her when she complained.

My Fox DC reports:

23 year-old Courtney Haywood started working at the Towson Applebee's in 2007 as a server and bartender.

In May of 2011, she claims new management at the restaurant allowed her to serve food only to black patrons.

According to the, Haywood said "I talked to a manager, who kept saying, 'I will take care of it, don't worry about it.' And nothing was taken care of."

After filing several complaints with the company, Haywood said she was given a termination letter in October 2011.


Haywood has filed a complaint of racial discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

A communications firm for Applebee's released a statement saying “We take these allegations very seriously. We're fully committed to creating a fair work environment for all of our team members. We have not received a copy of the alleged complaint, so we do not have any further information to offer at this time."

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