The Steelers’ Antonio Brown Signs Deal With Facebook, May Explain His Crazy Facebook Live Post

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

So you know that Facebook Live stream in which NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown showed the innards of his Pittsburgh Steelers’ team’s locker room, where coach Mike Tomlin went off during a postgame rant?


Well, maybe Brown wasn’t just caught up in the excitement of the win. And maybe the generous baller is going to have some extra coins to spare when the league fines him. reports that Brown actually has a six-figure marketing deal with Facebook, and NBC Sports reports that the tech giant actually encouraged Brown to engage in a Facebook Live session from the locker room after the game.

So now it gets a little dicey. Not only did Brown break the NFL’s social media ban until after postgame interviews are conducted, but he may have “violated the league’s broadcast deals by infringing on the exclusive rights of the networks to broadcast locker-room video and audio,” reports

Coach Tomlin, who was seen flipping on the New England Patriots during the Facebook Live post, last week called Brown’s actions “foolish and inconsiderate.” Brown later apologized and explained “emotions and genuine excitement” got the best of him.

But maybe it was that check.

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No Fun League

The amount of moralizing the NFL and its sycophants that gets done about totally harmless stuff for the sake of wanting to be the moral center of America is so pathetic. Stop taking this stuff so seriously.

And everyone knows the Pats are assholes. Even the Pats know they’re assholes.