Anti-Muslim Crusader Picked for HUD Job in Trump Administration

Beth Van Duyne via Facebook

The woman who has fueled Islamophobia, railed against the mythical encroachment of Shariah law and gone on national TV to disparage a 14-year-old student for having the gall to build a clock while being Muslim, has been hired by the Trump administration and noted dick stabber Ben Carson to work in the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

According to the New York Daily News, Beth Van Duyne has been named the Southeast regional HUD administrator and will oversee operations in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico and Louisiana. Not to be confused with Betsy DeVos, the other clueless blonde hired by the Trump administration, Van Duyne is the two-term mayor of Irving, Texas, where she was the first woman to serve in that post. She was chosen for her new position by Carson, the former brain surgeon and Jesus superfan who doesn’t believe in evolution (because it is “encouraged by Satan”) and who once said that the Bible takes precedence over the Constitution.


Van Duyne, a longtime Islamophobe, has warned people about Muslim bogeymen seeking to destroy “our freedoms,” plot terrorist attacks and take our bacon away. Two years ago she convinced the Irving City Council to endorse a bill by a Texas state legislator that sought to stop Shariah law—even though no one was advancing Shariah law. Although the bill did not specifically mention Islam, the Dallas Morning News reported that the wording of the proposed law was almost exactly like that of a bill that had been introduced a few years earlier to stop the influence of “large groups of Middle Easterners.”

Van Duyne was also sued by Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old Irving student who was arrested after he brought a clock to school and school officials thought it was a bomb, because ... you know ... his name is Ahmed Mohamed. Van Duyne rushed to Facebook to defend the police officers who arrested the 14-year-old (she later changed the post to make it not so anti-Muslim).


Not satisfied with her besmirchment of the teenager, Beth Badass sat down with Glenn Beck to further defend the police officers and teachers and to blame it on the boy and, of course, President Barack Obama:

We’ve heard more from the media than the child ever released to the police when we were asking him questions. He told a lot more to the reporters than he ever told to the police. There’s a problem with that. If your child was in that school and you saw something like this come in, you would want to make sure it is our priority to make our children safe in school, period. Irving is the fifth-safest city in the country. We’re pretty very proud of that fact. We have a very professional police department. I’m very proud of them. What has happened as a result of the hashtag of the misinformation that has been spread like wildfire immediately by the president is we now have death threats on members of our police department and in our school district. For what?


Irving was also named the second-worst city for LGBTQ rights by USA Today in 2014. That same year, a federal judge ruled that the city’s voting procedures violated the Voting Rights Act because it locked out minority candidates.

Some may wonder how this woman could be picked to lead an agency whose mission is to create “strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all.” She was appointed by Ben Carson, after all. Have you ever looked into his sleepy eyes? You haven’t noticed that he talks like he just finished taking shots of NyQuil?


No one, not even Donald Trump, would ever accuse Ben Carson of being woke.

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