Anti-LGBTQ Lawmaker Caught in His Office Having Extremely Pro-LGBTQ Sex With a Man

An Ohio Republican legislator who campaigned on “family values” and fought against LGBTQ rights has resigned after he was reportedly caught having sex.


In his office.

With a man.

According to Newsweek, a few months ago an “observer” encountered the patriotic state Rep. Wes Goodman in his Columbus, Ohio, office at the Riffe Center, planting his flag having consensual sex with a man who was not an employee. The person told the Ohio House chief of staff, who told the Speaker of the House Cliff Rosenberger. Rosenberger met with Goodman, who is married, and Goodman resigned for “inappropriate conduct” immediately after the meeting.

Goodman, a 33-year-old who calls himself the “conscience of the conservative movement,” was named to the “Hall of Shame” in 2014 by the largest gay-rights advocacy group, the Human Rights Watch, after he campaigned against marriage equality in Washington, D.C.

He has often spoken about “natural marriage” throughout his career, and his Twitter bio describes him as “Christian. American. Conservative. Republican. Husband to @Beth1027.”

Goodman’s constituents have reached out to support him and his family as he goes through this trouble in a number of ways:


There is no word on whether Wes Goodman has pulled up his pants yet.

Read more at Newsweek.

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TBF, it’s hard to maintain a solid marriage with someone named Beth1027.

Like, you have to know there were better Beths, and you just didn’t get in there early enough.

Also, this man is totally NOT GAY GUIYS! He was just making sure he didn’t like it. With half the Rent Boy catalogue.