New anti-abortion billboards target black leaders: This new campaign features photos of African-American leaders, including the Rev. Jesse Jackson and members of the Congressional Black Caucus, beside the text "What does it mean to be betrayed?" written in red script that resembles blood and links to the campaign's website. How about, what does it mean to have no shame at all in political advertising?

Chicago to hire 111 black firefighters: Chicago will hire 111 bypassed black firefighters by March 2012 and pay at least $30 million in damages to some 6,000 others who will never get the chance to become firefighters, under a court order expected to be approved Wednesday by a federal judge.

Perry to Obama: Actions speak louder than words: This week a reporter asked GOP presidential candidate Texas Gov. Rick Perry whether he thought President Barack Obama loved the U.S. Perry's response? "You need to ask him. I'm saying, you're a good reporter; go ask him." Obama responded to Perry's recent comments by saying that he'll cut Perry some slack, but one should be careful about the things one says. Now the governor says to the president, "Actions speak louder than words," and says Obama's actions are killing jobs. Guess whose words and actions allowed him to come out looking like the adult in this exchange?


Celebs who look just alike: If you didn't think Shakira and Beyoncé were twins separated at birth, think again. But seriously, one of their complexions must be getting altered to make this resemblance so strong. Any guesses as to which one?

In other news: VIDEO: Michele vs. Michelle.

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