Anthony Mackie and Nicole Beharie on How Solos Can Lead to Connection

The global pandemic era has brought us...a lot, just to sum it up in so many words. For actors and other creators, it seems like the period of isolation has allowed them to become more creative without having to depend on fancy sets or even co-stars. The one-person show was back in full-swing.

Cue Amazon Prime Video’s new anthology series Solos.

From the official press release sent to The Root:

Solos, created by David Weil and starring Academy Award-winning actors Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway and Helen Mirren, Emmy Award-winning actor Uzo Aduba, Nicole Beharie, Anthony Mackie, Dan Stevens, and Constance Wu. The series will premiere on May 21 exclusively on Prime Video in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland, India, New Zealand and releasing later this year in additional territories. The seven-part anthology series explores the strange, beautiful, heart-breaking, hilarious, wondrous truths of what it means to be human. The series spans our present and future and illuminates that even during our most isolated moments we are all connected through the human experience.

These character-driven stories contend that even during our most seemingly isolated moments, in the most disparate of circumstances, we are all connected through the human experience.


Mackie and Beharie sat down with The Root and reflected on what they’ve learned about themselves this past year and how that time spent affected their desire to reconnect with people.

“I’ve learned that I’m definitely a pandemic kind of guy,” Mackie said. “It’s really sad to say and joke about because so many people have lost their lives and so many people have been affected by the pandemic. But, it’s really been a positive experience for me. Just simply because I’ve learned so much about myself and the idea that it’s not bad or wrong to be a hermit.”


“I think I took advantage of so many opportunities to be out with people—getting invites to things, I was like ‘Oh, I’ll do that later’ or ‘Oh I’m tired.’ Now? What I wouldn’t do to be able to do some of those things that in the past I was just too cool for or whatever...or just didn’t think it was essential,” Beharie said. “It’s been the lesson of a lifetime to never take people or moments with people that you love for granted.”

The two actors also talked about the process by which they tapped into their characters–in Mackie’s case, he was portraying a character interacting with another character he also portrayed while in Beharie’s case, a lot of her interaction was physical instead of through spoken dialogue.

Solos debuts May 21 on Amazon Prime Video.

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