Another White Student Posts Photos in Blackface on Social Media

Photos of the racially charged images from the campus of Xavier University in Cincinnati that went viral

Another day, another white college student caught in blackface on social media.

The latest incident has sparked student body and community outrage at Xavier University in Cincinnati, after the image of a white female student in blackface went viral, Raw Story reports.


The caption under the problematic Snapchat photo read, "Who needs white when black lives matter."

Then, the following morning, another photo started circulating, this one of a skeleton wearing a traditional West African dashiki and shown being hanged next to a Donald Trump "Make America Great Again" flag in the window of a building that houses mostly sophomore students.

According to Raw Story, the skeleton was hanged in a way that replicated a lynching. The window in which it was hanged faces one of the college's main lawns.

Both images started circulating on social media, with the student body and community demanding action.


"This is simulating a lynching and sending a clear message to anyone on Xavier's campus who is not white. Firm action must be taken immediately," one former student wrote in the caption of the photo with the skeleton.


“Xavier University, your black students may not make up a large percent of your population but we do exist and we do demand the respect that our counterparts receive. We are tired of the blatant racism that is so comfortably shown to us on Xavier‘s campus," one Xavier student added in a Facebook post about the blackface photo.

As the images spread rapidly across the Xavier campus, the school's president, Michael Graham, issued a statement saying that "racist actions are unacceptable" on the campus and assuring students that "steps are being taken to make sure that all members of the Xavier community know that we must act with integrity, justice and generosity."


Read more at Raw Story.

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