Another Noose Found in the DC Area, This Time at a Construction Site


Well, another noose turned up in Washington, D.C., this time, police say, at a house under construction in the southeast part of the city. This will make at least the fifth time that this hateful symbol of violence has appeared around the nation’s capital recently.


According to CNN, officers went to the construction site Thursday morning and “discovered a rope, tied in a noose, displayed by the front door,” according to a police report.

The report noted that the property manager said that the noose was not there at the end of the workday the day before. The house in question is not occupied and no arrests have been made.

This latest incident follows reports of two nooses found at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, one of which was found just last Wednesday in the history gallery of the museum, and one found by a security officer on a tree on the museum grounds May 26.

American University in D.C. was also subject to an attack after bananas were found hanging from nooses around campus in early May, in what campus police called a “racially motivated hate crime.”

The bananas were found around the university’s campus the same day that Taylor Dumpson, a black woman, started her tenure as the first black female president of the university’s student government body.


And, as CNN also notes, a noose was left in the kitchen of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity house at the University of Maryland back in April.


Most recently, a piece of rope was found on a bench at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Friday.


It is not clear who these cowards are and if they think these outbursts are funny, but the nooses have been widely condemned by local officials.

“We are an inclusive city, and we do not tolerate signs of hate, ignorance and fear. I have directed the Metropolitan Police Department to investigate these incidents, the Office of Human Rights to activate our hate crimes protocol and the Office of Religious Affairs to engage faith leaders to be a resource for residents,” D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said in a statement. “Our diversity is what makes us stronger, and we will not relent in promoting and defending D.C. values. We do not take these incidents lightly, and we will not accept that signs of hate are signs of our time.”


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