Angela Valdes Gotta Go. Along With Everybody Else But Tasha and Tommy. Kthxbi.

Starz screenshot
Starz screenshot

Do you watch Power? I watch Power. I hate Angela Valdes. She must be stopped. She must die.


I didn’t always feel this way about Assistant United States Attorney Angela Valdes. Before I wanted her to die, I was rather okay with her morally bankrupt homewrecker role on the show. See, Ghost, or Jamie (St. Patrick) as she calls him, was selling her tremendous cream (not just a dollar and a dream), taking her on vacations to kill people, running a nightclub and offering her the sun, the moon, the stars, even the mountains. I mean, truly, Jamie wanted to give her the world. And she was mostly playing her part, trying to fit in with his inspid scheming and ain't shitness.

Mostly. Unbeknownst to her, she was chasing Ghost the entire time while trying to take down a drug cartel run by Lobos. If you watch Power, none of this is news, or even interesting. The truth is, you’re only reading this because you, too, (probably) agree that Angela must die.

So let’s just talk about that; to hell with background. Before we do that, I must provide a very thorough and extensive disclaimer.

Thorough and Extensive Disclaimer: There are no saints on this show, except Ghost and Tasha’s daughters (the baby who gets the Judy Winslow treatment is a daughter, right?). Tariq ain’t shit. Ghost ain’t shit. Tasha I fucks with the long way, but she ALSO ain’t shit in that she only wants Ghost to be a criminal and never wanted to see that man rise above; drug dealers don't get regular citizen dreams. Keisha is straight. Tommy, oddly, is the person I hated the most early on in the show but have found myself rooting for more and more to the point that if Tommy decided to kill everybody - EVERYBODY - and move to, say, Toledo and start over with new friends, I’d be vocally supportive of this move. Tommy murked Holly over Ghost and Ghost acted real unbothered by it. Bruh, if Tommy did Ghost, I really can’t say I’d be upset. Then again, we’d have no show and this shit is supposed to go for three more seasons. Oh, I also hate Kanan, but at the very least, “to thine own self be true.”

Kanan killed his own son, his own flesh, in cold blood and didn’t give a fuck. I REALLY want him dead, too. But you have to at least give him credit for being the same horrible human to everybody. Though I think he's developing a soft sport for Tariq even if he initially just wanted to use him to get back at Ghost.

So yeah, everybody must die. But Angela should really catch an L of tremendous proportions first. Why do I want her gone?


I’m glad you asked.

The same reason you want her gone: she ain’t shit. Angela, somebody who at some point knowingly continued dealing with a drug dealer, almost got his son expelled from school because her gun wasn’t locked away, kept banging the drug dealer even though she knew about the wife and family, etc. SOMEHOW decided that he must go down for a murder she can’t even prove he committed. The murder of a person she was ALSO BANGING, largely for opportunistic reasons (though Greg also wasn’t a saint and was high-key creepy). Angela is petty.


You can’t be petty dating a drug dealer, even if you ARE a damn federal prosecutor. She’s so petty that she showed up at that man’s job and had him arrested AT HIS JOB in front of his employees and patrons. Just damn petty. I'm all for being petty. But you can't be petty AND have power and authority. That's not okay, y'all.

Angie is manipulative. So is Ghost. They deserve each other. HOWEVER, you can’t be petty AND manipulative and Ghost isn’t petty. Angie though? She’s so petty that she arrested her ex-boyfriend for killing her current boyfriend who she only went back to because her and Ghost were donezo.


You know what? I’m using a whole lot of unnecessary words right now. You hate Angie. I hate Angie.

Angie must die.

(Again, Angela isn’t alone in musting to die, but right now, she must die so that others may also die.)


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"Do you watch Power"

Nope…I also don't watch the following
How to get away with Murder
Being Mary Jane
Insecure (I catch the highlights)

Basically black drama shows. No real reason…just don't interest me.