Right-wing extremist Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart has done it again. By stretching the truth, Breitbart has forced ABC News to rescind its invitation for Breitbart to participate in an election-night event in Phoenix. The event ,which will be streamed live on ABCNews.com from Arizona State University campus on Tuesday evening, will go on without Breitbart's participation. In a letter to Breitbart on Tuesday afternoon, the executive producer for ABC News Digital, Andrew Morse, said, "We feel it best for you not to participate." This after tensions ran high after ABC downplayed Breitbart's role in the event after being criticized for inviting him in the first place. Breitbart displayed just how thankful he really was for the invitation by printing the invitation in its entirety on his website, refuting claims that his role would be limited. ABC subsequently excluded him from the event because it couldn't "agree" on what his role would be. There is an old adage that when someone shows you who they are, believe them. Breitbart continues to show people who he is. When will folks, who should know better, start believing him?

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