American Citizen Lands on Barbed Wire Fence Trying to Escape Namibian Prison

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An American citizen attempted to escape a Namibian prison, the Associated Press reports.

In 2011 Marcus Kevin Tomas, a Los Angeles native, and another American, Kevin Townsend, were charged with the murder of Andre Hackmair, a Namibian national.

Prison authorities say that Tomas climbed a tree outside Windhoek Central Prison and attempted to climb over the barbed wire fence. Instead of clearing the fence, he landed directly on top of it.


Tomas was taken to the hospital, where it was discovered that he was in possession of a cellphone, wire-cutting tools and a map, the newswire reported.

Though arrested and charged in 2011, Tomas and Townsend have yet to stand trial; they also have not been granted bail. The U.S. Embassy in Namibia did not comment on the case.


Read more at the Associated Press.

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