Aloe Blacc Releases New Song, Announces Next Album All Love Everything

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Grammy-nominated musician Aloe Blacc returns to the music scene with his latest song, “My Way,” which will be featured on his forthcoming album All Love Everything. The LP is slated to drop on October 2.


Blacc’s first full-length project in seven years will find him detailing his experiences and journey as a father, as well as the experiences of other people, all for the sake of love. “My Way” is about standing tall in the face of adversity, and features lines about the power of perseverance and individuality.

Blacc’s song “I Do” was released prior to the announcement of the album on Valentine’s Day. It is dedicated to Blacc’s wife, with whom he renewed his vows earlier this year.

“Rather than a genre, my music is about A.I.M.: affirmation, inspiration, and motivation,” Blacc says in a statement regarding his latest effort obtained by The Root. “After so many opportunities to talk about my music and not feel comfortable saying, ‘I’m a pop artist’ or ‘I’m a folk artist,’ I had this realization. My songwriting genre is thematic.” This album will feature all sorts of sonic inspirations and will feature a mix of folk, soul and contemporary pop.

In addition to his album announcement, the artist has been doing his part on the philanthropic front. He partnered with Okayplayer to hold a virtual town hall with actor Michael Ealy, rapper Talib Kweli, and Lakers’ Center JaVale McGee where he discussed the death of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, police brutality protests and quarantine. He also discusses topics like policing, parenting and social justice on his Instagram Live interview series.

Check out the tracklist for All Love Everything below.

All Love Everything Tracklist

  1. Family
  2. All Love Everything
  3. My Way
  4. Wherever You Go
  5. Nothing Left But You
  6. Glory Days
  7. I Do
  8. Corner
  9. Hold On Tight
  10. Harvard

Correction: 11:58 a.m. EDT, 6/26/20: This story originally incorrectly stated the number of albums Aloe Blacc has released. This is Blacc’s fifth album.

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