Alfre Woodard Proves the Party Don’t Stop after Motherhood in Netflix’s Juanita

Who said that life ends after giving birth? And furthermore, why are adult children so damned ungrateful to their mothers in the first place?

I’m no mother, but if Beyoncé can head a clothing line, a production company and sit on top of an empire, all while having have three kids, then your kids can at least allow you to have some semblance of a life.


“A lot of writers even, they’ll write a great story—all the characters are fully fleshed-out. You get to the mothers and they either deify her, or they demonize her. But they never see a whole human being,” said Emmy-award winning actor Alfre Woodard.

The queen stars in Netflix’s Juanita, as “Juanita.” She’s a brown-skinned middle-aged love interest, who curses out her adult kids and even does the nasty. Hear Juanita roar.


See the entire video above.

Juanita is released on Netflix March 8.

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I watched this today. This was good (cute), but I wanted closure and I’m left to fill in the blanks. I won’t spoil, but see it and maybe others will agree.