It seems that holiday travelers have decided to opt in on cooperating with the TSA. MSNBC is reporting that airports nationwide have reported few major disruptions early Wednesday despite a loosely organized campaign dubbed National Opt-Out Day that urged air travelers to boycott the controversial full-body scanners at security checkpoints. No serious disruptions were reported at any major airports early Wednesday. On the East Coast, airports in Washington, D.C.; Greater New York; Boston; Richmond and Norfolk, Va.; and Harrisburg, Pa., reported security delays of less than 15 minutes. At Baltimore-Washington International, there were no waits, and only four travelers opted out of the full-body scans. In Denver and Tampa, Fla., airport security waits were under 20 minutes. Marisa Maola, TSA security director, said there have been "no signs" of a protest and some security lines are actually shorter today than in previous day-before-Thanksgivings. "We haven't had an unusual number of people opt out of the back-scanner X-rays," Maola said. We guess with all of the stress of holiday travel, why add more?

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