Airplanes: As uncomfortable as slave ships? "I don't want to trivialize the inhumane horrors that African slaves endured on slave ships destined for the Americas. But after a recent airplane trip, sitting tightly next to my neighbor in steerage seats, I feel the discomfort and pain endemic to the current air experience has certain curious similarities, graphic designer Steven Heller recently said in a post on Note to Steven: When the disclaimer about "inhumane horrors" is almost as long as the statement itself, you might want to just choose a different comparison.

VH1's Love and Hip Hop gets a second season: VH1 has announced that it has ordered a second season of its reality series Love and Hip Hop, which follows the lives of women who are either attempting to start a career in the genre or are in a relationship with a rap star. Something tells us the cast will provide more than enough drama to fill the 10-episode order.

Celebs whose 15 minutes of fame are officially over: Some of these "stars" should have to give us a 10-minute refund for misuse of their time in the spotlight.

Interview with Deval Patrick: In an interview that went way beyond his role as governor of Massachusetts, Uptown magazine asked Patrick about childhood memories, hip-hop and the thing that surprised him most about marriage.

In other news: Ten People Who Owe Oprah Thank-You Notes.