Ain’t That Just Like a White Nationalist: Trump Pissed at the Removal of ‘Beautiful’ Confederate Statues

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President Douchey von ShitFace isn’t happy that the “beautiful” statues commemorating racism at its finest are being removed, because you know racism and monuments to racism need to be preserved!


The president’s tweets most likely came after his bathing and before his morning snack. I believe that during this time, one of his minions reads stories to him about how the country has grown tired of Confederate monuments in public spaces. The move to ramp up efforts to remove the monuments comes after “violent clash between counter-protesters and white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend, which left 19 injured and one dead,” NBC News reports.

Officials in Lexington, Ky.; Baltimore; New York City; and Virginia have moved to take down statues. Baltimore was so gully that one day after the vote to remove Confederacy monuments, the city snatched them down in the dead of the night.


But none of Trump’s tweets are surprising considering his batshit press conference in the lobby of Trump Tower, in which he confirmed that he’s at worst a white nationalist sympathizer who sees “good people” on the tiki-torch-wielding side of “Jews will not replace us” chanters.

Read more at NBC News.

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