After Being Banned on Twitter, Trump Started a Blog. It Lasted Less Than a Month

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Looks like the former president isn’t cut out for that blogging life.

Just 29 days after starting his blog entitled, “How I lost everything and still feel entitled to it all” (OK, seriously, I don’t know what it’s called), Trump has called it quits.


Oh wait, Jason Miller, Trump’s former aide says the blog was called “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” and told CNBC that the blog was “just auxiliary to the broader efforts we have and are working on.”

Miller also noted that he didn’t know what those broader efforts were and explained that Trump got bored with the blog and quit as most children do when they can’t master something new like spelling.

From the Intelligencer

As is true of most bloggers, Trump once had grand dreams for his venture. The blog was first supposed to be a new social-media platform, all to satisfy Trump’s itch to post. Banned from Twitter, his platform of choice, and Facebook, where his fellow boomers go to rot their brains, he was a warrior without a weapon. But to build a true competitor to his enemies’ websites, Trump would have to spend money and work hard. It became clear, quickly, that his pet project would not take on Twitter. Instead, it was something smaller and more pathetic: a blog.

Blogging does require some effort as well, and according to the Washington Post, Trump expected immediate results. An anonymous aide told the Post “that the former president wanted to open a new ‘platform’ and didn’t like that this platform was being mocked and had so few readers.” Look, a blogger’s life is not for everyone!

The blog (which we won’t hyperlink on The Root because racist) now sends folks to sign up for text alerts and “exclusive updates, which apparently just takes you to the fundraising site because Trump is nothing if not a grifter who stays on his grift.

So what will the former president do now that he can’t blog? Well, he will probably go back to claiming the election was stolen from him and dropping in on weddings at his janky-ass resorts. But we all know that Trump loves an audience, and if he can’t get them to come to his blog, he’s just going to find another venue to rile them up. Maybe he will send them postcards or some other antiquated form of communication because we know that old people are the only reason the postcard industry still has a life.

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