After 61-Point Outburst, Damian Lillard Demands NBA 'Put Some Respect on My MF Name!'

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In a past life, 112 might’ve given you thoughts of interwoven harmonies during Bad Boy’s heyday, but now that we live in the era of Damian Lillard, that number means something entirely different.


Ever since Paul George and Patrick Beverly of the Los Angeles Clippers made the foolish mistake of openly taunting the same dude who committed 1st-degree murder on national television last spring, Dame has been playing like a man possessed.

With the Trail Blazers’ playoff aspirations on the line, the five-time NBA All-Star responded with a 51-point outburst on Sunday against the 76ers, only to channel his inner Goku and go Super Saiyan with an even nastier 61-point explosion on Tuesday night against the Mavericks.

Blood was shed, egos were slain and Dame emerged from the bloodbath unscathed. Oh, and this happened too:

“I’ve never seen a shot like that—ever,” Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle told reporters after the game. “That was unbelievable.”


For those of you who ran out of fingers, toes and offspring to count on, that’s 112 points in two damn games.

Bad Boy who?

More importantly, in tying his career-high with 61 points, he not only became the second player in NBA history to score 60 or more points in a single season, but he’s dragged the once-depleted Trail Blazers into the 8th seed in the West and can clinch a spot in the play-in series with a win against the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday.


“Damian played incredible,” Mavericks center Kristaps Porzingis said. “Made some unbelievable shots. Hats off to him.”


That he did. But for Dame, it wasn’t just about stuffing his stat sheet, it’s about the bigger picture.

“Ain’t nothing I want more,” he said of making the playoffs. “When I came here (to Disney World) I told them I’m not here to waste my time. Our work ain’t done yet but we’re fighting for it.”


Prior to the NBA restart, Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes called the Trail Blazers “the most dangerous team in the league.” In part because of key contributors like Jusuf Nurkić and Zach Collins returning from injury, but primarily due to Dame’s penchant for going nuclear on the basketball court.


“If Portland gets the play-in game, I think they win it,” Haynes said on The Bill Simmons Podcast. “And if Portland is in this thing, Bill, to me, they’re the most dangerous team in this league. I think if they get in, even if it’s the Lakers at the No. 1 seed, Portland has the potential to take the Lakers to the distance. And if they happen to get by the Lakers, you could see them in the Finals, man.”

You hear that, LeBron?!

Dame is coming for your hairline and your ass.

My relentless disdain for all things purple and gold (I even hate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches off principle) runs decades deep, so nothing would bring me more joy than to watch Dame D.O.L.L.A. infiltrate the playoffs and disembowel the Lakers with an endless barrage of pull-up jumpers from 80 feet out.


Please, God.

I’ll stop cussing, stop flaking on plans and actually start picking up the phone when people call me.


Just do me this one solid.


One thing’s for sure though. After last night, y’all better put some respect on his fucking name.


Or else.

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SS Fan

To some people, I don’t think Dame will be validated until he makes the Finals or wins the championship. Right now, he’s in that James Harden group.

Personally, if you make it to the NBA and last beyond a rookie contract, I respect your game. A LOT. Every achievement in the league after that just further cements your star.