Africans in Moscow Fear Racist Attacks

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Contrary to popular cyber-belief I do not dig through the internet searching for news of a racist globe.  Well, unless I'm feeling particularly marginalized on a given day or frenzied due to a weekend overload of carbs and sugars.  ANYWAY… Moscow is having some problems with their African community.  And no, Africans are not trumping native Russians in art, economics and education [well, not yet]. The problem is racism and extreme violence directed at the estimated ten thousand Africans living in Moscow. 60% percent of them live in constant fear.


Now I've never been to Russia.  However, I was invited last year to observe the ins and outs of Russian political theater.  I didn't go due to a scheduling conflict, but my peers who did go came back to the States hooping and hollering about wonderful, utopian Russia.  My point is when I think of present-day Russia I think of a haven for the progressive-minded and the people-oriented.  A place beaming with brilliant architecture and unbelieve art.  Where new ideas are celebrated over a cold bottle of Vodka.  I think of Alexander Pushkin who was not only the greatest Russian poet in the country's history, but also the great grandson of an Ethiopian-born prince who worked for Peter the Great and later become a governor in the country.

I do not think of African immigrants unwilling to attend public events or ride the Moscow metro out of fear.  I do not think of the residents of Moscow attempting to scalp Africans in order to feed their racist and violent impulses.  What is going on over there???

Look, no country is perfect.  Right?  I mean we're all flawed.  Right?  I mean Africans and Blacks in general need to bite the bullet and accept that wherever they live on this planet there's a segment of humanity who feeds off terrorizing or harassing anyone who descends from Mother Africa.

Honestly, when will this end [that's rhetorical, of course].  But come on, SCALP?  Read the BBC article for more details.

Keith Josef Adkins is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and social commentator.