(The Root) — Aaron Kohn and Phil Sandick, co-creators of The African Lookbook, have provided a space for people to purchase contemporary African goods while providing the narratives behind the creations and exposing to the world the people who proudly represent the continent.


The sit started off as a project between the two college students that allowed African creatives to share their oral histories. It has evolved into a space that also allows readers to get their hands on such products as those artists' crafts.  

The Lookbook online shop carries the sweater and pith helmet shown in the photo at right, as well as T-shirts, hats, books, home decor and a myriad of other items. Kohn and Sandick have also posted interviews with a diverse set of creators and innovators from the Diaspora, including Just a Band's Jim Chuchu, singer and jewelry designer Iyadede Sabrina, rapper Spoek Mathambo and furniture designer Ousmane M'Baye.


To read interviews and to purchase merchandise, visit the website.

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