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African-American Internet Use: The Revolution Will Be Digitized

New information from The Media Audit's National Report reveals that for many African-American households, the Internet now plays a significant role in the amount of time spent online in a typical day. According to a national study including more than 7,000 African-American adults, the typical amount of time spent online is 4 hours 21 minutes per day, a figure that is 10 percent higher than the number for all U.S. adults. The amount of time spent online among all U.S. adults is 3 hours 57 minutes per day. The latest findings represent a dramatic shift in media behavior among African Americans. A similar study conducted in 2005 revealed the typical amount of time spent online among African Americans was 1 hour 9 minutes per day. Well, well, well. African Americans are early adopters of technology and now spend more time engaged with the Internet than any other adult group. It looks like the digital divide is closing or is at least more complicated than once believed. The revolution just may be digitized. 

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