According to a Google Glitch, LaVar Ball Founded the NBA

Mike Stobe/Getty Images
Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Basketball dad LaVar Ball is living his best 2018, and it’s only two days old. According to Google, he not only parlayed one potential star child and two mediocre talents into an empire but also invented the NBA.

Yes, to hear Google tell it, Ball founded the NBA.

For most of Tuesday morning, Google listed Ball as the NBA founder, which isn’t far off from how the man himself explains it at Chino Hills, Calif., barbershops.


“Clearly we dropped the ball,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement, For the Win reports. “We’re taking a timeout to huddle around the issue and expect to rebound soon.”

We see what you did there, Google.

If someone were to Google “NBA founder,” LaVar Ball’s name would appear with a photo of the outspoken father.

Google screenshot
Google screenshot

In fact, I’m willing to argue that Google was trolling us all.

Read more at For the Win.

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Goodbye Jerry West, hello silhouette of Ball teabagging Jordan’s Jumpman logo.