Having clicked on a San Francisco front page link, The Buzz was appalled by the facts and figures and did not do a good job of cobbling puzzle pieces together regarding timeline. It seemed high but, for whatever reason, plausible, and that's not right.

Let's be clear on the spirit of The Buzz's opinion: It was in no way an attempt to disparage Oakland. What would be the point of that? It was more a critique on how situations like the loss of human life—in Oakland or elsewhere—can largely fly under the radar. In this instance it flew because the information was old, but there are plenty where that is not the case. The question wasn't about the goodness of Oakland or its people. The question concerned who was caring for them.

But the fact remains. This was poor reportage on The Buzz's part and you, the readers and faithful Buzzonians, showed a civil and righteous indignation in correcting a wrong. Many thanks.