A Veep Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

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The Buzz gives props to Vice President Joe Biden (and to the nation’s Second Lady, Dr. Jill Biden). And Friday, President Barack Obama did as well—not wanting to squander the considerable abilities of Smokin’ Joe, the former U.S. Senate lion also known as Amtrak’s best customer, today he introduced Biden as Chair of The White House Task Force on Middle Class Working Families.

Noting that “Productivity went up almost 20 percent between 2000 and 2007, yet income for working families fell by $2000 a year,” in his remarks Friday, Biden laid out an ambitious agenda for reversing the trend seen during the previous administration, which he called “the American Dream in reverse.” Biden also outlined in Friday’s USA Today his plans, using this new platform, to draw together the resources of the Departments of Commerce, Labor, and Health and Human Services, along with organized labor, private industry, and local schools to un-stagnate the American middle class.

In a staple move of the Obama era, Biden made sure to plug the website—AstrongMiddleClass.gov—but The Buzz is concerned that the scope of this Task Force is so broad that it could easily go by the name “EverythingOtherThanTheMilitary.com” or “No People Left Behind.” We'll see.

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