Black women are a gift that keeps on giving. A lot of us wouldn’t be the people we are today if it weren’t for black women blessing us with their presence and their grace. The lessons black women have taught us have shaped and saved our lives in infinite ways. We owe them a great deal of gratitude.

The 2019 Black Girls Rock attendees took some time to share some words of thanks to their fellow women. Whether it was creating a space for their sisters or just providing an ear, black women have shown up and showed out for not only us but for themselves, too.


Watch as some of your faves share just why they’re thankful for the blessing known as the black woman.

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Great place to say thank you to important black women in our lives. I was born into a privileged family in a lot of ways, but had pretty shitty actual parents (ended up becoming an emancipated minor). That said, the one foundational rock in my childhood was the woman who raised and took care of me day in and day out - Rella J. (Full name Cinderella - which is badass! Last name excluded to protect her identity.) My parents were gone almost all of the time and it was worse when they weren’t, but she showed me love, grace, fun and brought me interesting experiences like chitterlings in the kitchen (whew, that smell!) and the black barbershop. My life was ever changed thanks to her input and we will be close until the day one of us croaks.