A Social Media Push to Boycott Black Friday in Wake of Ferguson Decision

Protesters run away after police deploy tear gas during a demonstration Nov. 24, 2014, in Ferguson, Mo.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Some of those who want to protest the shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown are hoping to hit corporate America right in its pocket after a grand jury failed to indict Officer Darren Wilson in Brown’s death, the International Business Times reports.

The Justice for Michael Brown Leadership Coalition is organizing a No Justice, No Profit boycott from Thanksgiving Day on Thursday to Sunday, thus targeting one of the biggest shopping days of the year: Black Friday.


New Black Panther Party member Dacia Polk is inviting the whole of St. Louis to join the boycott, according to IBT: "We are asking you to withdraw your participation the entire weekend," he told IBT. "There will not be business as usual in America while our people are being killed."

"The death of Michael Brown was groundless, was senseless, it was a miscarriage of Mr. Darren Wilson's legal duty to serve and protect," the Rev. Spencer Lamar Booker, pastor of St. Paul AME Church in St. Louis, said. "No matter how convoluting his and others' attempt to make a legal argument, an illegal act was committed called murder."


According to IBT, the plans for boycott are picking up speed on social media, particularly Instagram and Facebook.



Read more at the International Business Times.

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