In a blog entry at the Washington Post, columnist Jonathan Capehart lambastes Herman Cain's campaign for releasing a video ad showing the GOP hopeful's chief of staff smoking a cigarette, among other things. He says that the video could go down in history as the Showgirls of political ads.

… We already know [Herman Cain] doesn't know what he's talking about. After watching this campaign video featuring his chief of staff, Mark Block, I think it's safe to say Cain doesn't know what he's doing. Watch it to the very end. The head twitch. The close-up of Block smoking. The grinning Herman Cain at the end. It's so bad that it could go down in history as the "Showgirls" of political ads.

According to the Daily Caller, Block is the one who convinced Cain to run for president. He should have convinced himself to stay away from the camera. Block has done his boss no favors.

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