Here's a nice liveblogging breakdown of what the president had to say today regarding health care reform. General tone: Let's get this done.

Three things that President Obama would change in health care system:

1. Pre-existing conditions would not be a factor. Doctors should decide what's best for patients.

2. Give uninsured same choice of private insurance that Congress gets.

3. Costs would be brought down for millions. Those aren't "his" numbers, he's not making them up.

Despite all the Republican ideas that were incorporated, the Rs have a fundamental disagreement over oversight of Big Insurance. If they disagree with the plan, they should vote against it.

Their proposal only covers a few million, ours, 31 million. Americans need access, you can't limit. Taxpayers currently subsidize the uninsured, when they go to emergency rooms.

Health reform only works if you take care of all the problems at once, not piecemeal.

After summit, they still say "start over." But given these differences… I don't see how another year of negotiations will help. The insurance companies aren't starting over. They continue to raise premiums. A delay could last another decade or more. We can't wait that long, nor can the economy.