A Noose—No, 2 Nooses—Grow in Brooklyn


Not trying to be flip, but what can you say when lynching paraphernalia is being spread around the United States like Whole Foods in the hood?


Last week, two more nooses were found in Brooklyn, N.Y., and this, of course, raises concerns about safety.


“Nooses have been found, which obviously signify … lynching,” said Brooklyn Councilman Robert E. Cornegy Jr. at a Sunday gathering at the Brooklyn Public Library, CBS New York reports.

“Someone has decided to stoke fear, and try to encourage fear, among young people and among the people that live in this community,” L. Joy Williams, president of the Brooklyn NAACP, echoed.

The first noose was found Monday hanging from a tree next to the Brooklyn Museum in the racially diverse but rapidly gentrifying Crown Heights section of the New York City borough.

The second was found Thursday outside a library in the racially diverse but rapidly gentrifying Bedford-Stuyvesant area. A custodian found the 6-foot white rope, removed it and gave it to security, according to police.


“Not long ago, it was illegal to educate a black person,” Cornegy said, according to NBC New York. “We’re saying it’s in front of a library, but across the street is an elementary school, so what’s the subtle message there?”

“I call them cowards, because they would target children at a library,” said the Rev. Kirsten John Foy of the National Action Network.


The New York City Police Department says that its hate crimes unit is investigating, but I ask again, with so many cameras everywhere, why hasn’t there been an arrest yet in ANY of these national noose cases?


Read more at CBS New York and NBC New York.

Ms. Bronner Helm is the Senior Editorial Director at Colorlines. Mouthy Black Girl. Rosalynn Carter Mental Health Fellow. Shea Butter Feminist. Virgo Sun, Aries Moon.

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What the fuck. One of the nooses was found literally around the corner from me. I walk past there almost every day of my life.

These fucking racists are ridiculous. If you really have such an issue with Black people, STAY THE FUCK OUT OF CROWN HEIGHTS AND BEDSTUY. Why come here? This is where we are, idiots. There are parts of Brooklyn that are more comfortable for white people who want to see less color. Banish those mofos.