Sex workers at the 2006 World Cup in Berlin - Getty Images

Professional athletes aren't the only pros at the FIFA World Cup. It is being reported that approximately 40,000 prostitutes are in South Africa to score off the soccer field with frisky male attendees. Prostitutes aren't new to the World Cup, particularly when it's held in countries where prostitution is legal. With the mind-boggling rate of HIV and AIDS cases in South Africa, health care advocates and religious groups are equally as worried, even if it is for different reasons. It is thought that many of the sex workers are underage and HIV-positive which is why a religious alliance launched the "Stop 2010 Human Trafficking," initiative.  We try not to judge, but the last place anyone should be hooking up where it is estimated that almost a third of the population is HIV-positive. The only scoring that needs to be going on at the World Cup is on the field.

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