If You Love J. Cole, KOD Is Dope. If You Don’t Love J. Cole, KOD Is Trash. Water Is Still Wet

It’s no secret that Jermaine “J. Cole” Cole is one of the most polarizing artists in hip-hop. Possibly ever. He’s got a legion of fans who believe that Light-Skinned Jermaine is the second coming of rap Jesus, and that his super-relatable persona, plus his above-average lyrical content, makes him one of this…


Hillary Clinton Told Campaign Aides That She Was Tired of Hearing About How ‘Nobody Likes’ Her: Report

Hillary Clinton was aware that she was having trouble connecting with voters. One of the biggest concerns was that Clinton just wasn’t a likable candidate. But according to a new book, around July 2016, right as President Donald Trump became the Republican nominee, Clinton stopped caring that people didn’t like her.

Trump Proves He’s the Kenya Moore of The Real Housewives of the White House, Won’t Attend Barbara Bush’s Funeral 

President Donald Trump would probably have brought a wand to former first lady Barbara Bush’s funeral services and instructed the Bush boys to twirl. So since he knows that his petty has reached Kenya Moore levels, he’s gracefully decided not to join first lady Melania Trump at Bush’s funeral in order to “avoid…