$99K in Donations Flood in for Homeless Man Who Returned $42K

Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis recognizes Glen James at a news conference. (Twitter @BerniceWBZ)

With all of the bad news making headlines these days, Glen James represents a welcome change.

You see, James has been homeless since 2005. He made news this week when he returned a lost backpack containing $2,000 in cash, almost $40,000 in traveler's checks, Chinese passports and other personal papers despite his harsh situation, ABC 7 reports. He was thanked and honored by police on Monday at a news conference. He also received a citation for his random act of honesty. 


But for some people, like 27-year-old Ethan Whittington, a citation just wasn't enough for James. Whittington, who lives in Midlothian, Va., felt compelled to do more, according to NBC News. On Tuesday he set up an online fundraiser for James, which has raised $99,673 so far. Whittington said that he and James spoke after the fundraiser took off.

"It was awesome," [Whittington said.] To do something for somebody and you don't even know them, and you see pictures of them, you hear great things about them, and then to finally get to talk to them, is great.  He was saying thank you, but the biggest thing I was trying to convey to him is he didn't have to thank us, we were thanking him," he said.

It is good to hear about random acts of honesty. We wish James luck.

Read more at NBC News and ABC 7.


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