8 Ways to Spot His Lie


If your BS detector isn't the best, Essence's "Modern Day Matchmaker," Paul Carrick Brunson, suggests a few ways to tell whether you're being deceived by the person you're dating.

Watch for asymmetry.

When we naturally smile, frown, or shrug, it’s typically even and occurs on both sides of the body. Any gesture that is one-sided may be masking what the person is really feeling.

It's all about the eyes!

Only one in ten people can move the muscles around their eyes to fake a smile. If they’re smiling at you but you see no movement (or what’s called “crow feet”) around the eyes, there is a high likelihood the person you’re talking to is masking their real feelings behind a fabricated smile.

Look for someone thinking hard.

We think a liar is going to look anxious or nervous, but not so. Liars must think harder than normal because they’re working to cover up the lie so they will instead do things that make them appear to be needlessly thinking hard and conserving energy like not using many gestures, using a slow or impersonal tone or being aloof. Think politician or used car salesman….


Read Paul Carrick Brunson's entire article at Essence.com.

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