Image of a photo array of family members killed in a Sept. 12, 2016, house fire in Memphis, Tenn.
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The only survivor of a horrific house fire in Memphis, Tenn., will be taken off life support and allowed to die after doctors harvest his organs Wednesday, the boy's father said, according to the Commercial Appeal.

The father of little Cameron Hollingsworth, Ernest Jett Jr., said that it was decided that Cameron's organs would be donated in hopes that "we can stop another family from going through what my family is going through."

Family members told reporters that Cameron is 7 or 8; his father said he is 10.

Cameron's six brothers and sisters—Angel Mitchell, 17; Ernest Jett III, 9; Diamond Jett, 8; Alonzo Ward, 7; Kierra Jett, 5; and Precious Rose Jett, who was reported to be 2 or 3—died Monday after they were pulled from what has been called the city's deadliest fire since the 1920s.

Their grandmother Eloise Futrell, 61; their father's girlfriend, Lakesha Ward, 27; and family friend Carol Collier, 56, also died in the fire, which started at the grandmother's home.


Firefighters responded to the 1:30 a.m. CT blaze Monday and pulled all 10 victims from the home. The three adults and four of the children were pronounced dead at the scene. Cameron, along with Kierra and Diamond, was taken to a children's hospital, where the two girls also died.

According to the Commercial Appeal, fire inspectors said that the blaze was started by a malfunctioning power cord to the window air-conditioner unit. The home had a working smoke detector at the time of the fire, according to the report.

An account at First Tennessee Bank in the family's name has been set up to pay for funeral services, as has a GoFundMe account.


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