7-Year-Old Mass. Boy Shot While Riding Bike

Divan Silva on the ground after being hit by a stray bullet near a barbershop 
ABCNews/Surveillance Footage

Boston police are asking the public for any tips about the person who shot a 7-year-old while the child was riding his bike, ABC News reports

According to the report, second-grader Divan Silva was riding to the store to get water early Sunday evening in Dorchester, a neighborhood in the city, when he was hit by a stray bullet in the buttocks. Surveillance video shows the young boy go down as he passes a barbershop. A 20-year-old man was also grazed in the head by the bullet, and the barbership window was shattered.


Divan’s mother, Dijanira DeAndrade, who ran outside when she heard the gunshots, told the Boston Globe, “It was very emotional to see my son like that. I thought I was going to lose my son.

“He knew he was bleeding. He was touching the blood,” DeAndrade added. “I kept telling him to stay awake, not to close his eyes. He stayed awake the whole time. … He stayed really strong for me.”


According to the Globe, Divan, who underwent surgery on Sunday, is in good condition and practiced walking Monday and Tuesday. He is expected to be released as early as Wednesday.

Authorities have described the alleged shooter as a teen, 14 to 18 years old, wearing a red hoodie and tan pants.


“If you have information, holding on to it only helps the suspect," Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said in a statement, according to the site. “The person who shot Divan needs to be held accountable.”

Read more at ABC News and the Boston Globe.

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