The girl’s mother, Phersephone Holland
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A 7-year-old girl suffered a mild concussion after she was beaten unconscious by four boys at Thomas Claggett Elementary School in District Heights, Md., on Tuesday, Fox 5 reports.

The incident occurred during a recess in the school's gym, into which 75 students were allegedly crammed, with only about five teachers supervising the crowd. The teachers apparently did not see the attack.


The girl was taken to the Children's Hospital in Washington, D.C., where she was diagnosed with a mild concussion.

Needless to say, her parents are outraged and can't fathom how this could have happened, the news site reports.

"That's my baby. I bring her to school, and that's the last thing I expect is a phone call informing me that my daughter is unconscious," the girl’s mother, Phersephone Holland, told the station.

Her father, Rodney Smyers, said this was not the first time his daughter had been bullied and attacked at the school; she had come home with bruises before.


"One incident, she came home, she had a split in her lip," he said, acknowledging that he had not expected school officials to allow the situation to get this out of hand. "It's an ongoing problem."

Even more concerning to the parents, aside from the apparent lack of supervision, is the fact that the school has not disciplined the boys responsible for the attack, or informed other parents of the incident. 


Holland told the news station that her daughter will probably not be returning to the school, and expressed concern that her daughter's life is in danger. "It's serious! A child was unconscious," she said. "It could have been worse than that—she could have died."

Max Pugh, spokesman for the Prince George's County Public Schools, told Fox 5 that the incident was being investigated and that parents would be sent letters.


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