Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in Scandal

Does your sister (or aunt or best friend) have a demanding job, a troublesome personal life, needy friends and a flair for style? Well, she sounds a lot like Scandal protagonist Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington). She’s not in need of much (unless you have the perfect man available), so what do you give the sister who pretty much has it all? We’ve got some ideas.

1. Massage Moment

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It’s stressful stomping around the city, managing crises and saving (or ending) lives. If your sister is anything like Olivia Pope, she might be in need of a spa day. A gift certificate from Massage Envy (starting at $75) or similar establishment that would allow for a relaxing massage, pedicure and aromatherapy could do wonders for a hardworking sibling.

2. Get It Poppin’

Bella Stir Stick Popcorn Maker

Of course she could microwave it, but does Olivia Pope really do anything the easy way? This old-fashioned Bella Stir Stick Popcorn Maker ($39.99 at Kohl's) would allow your sis to “handle” emergencies without having to stand around the kitchen listening for intervals between pops.

3. Proof Positive

Daughters of Men: Portraits of African-American Women and Their Fathers

Maybe your sister has a complicated relationship with her father. Hopefully he’s no Poppa Pope, but reassure her that a healthy father-daughter love is possible with the star-studded Daughters of Men: Portraits of African-American Women and Their Fathers ($4.99 in paperback at, which features Sanaa Lathan, Malinda Williams, Nicole Ari Kodjoe, the singing sisters of Mary Mary and other celebrities.

4. Access Granted

Kate Spade two-piece wine-opener set
Bed Bath & Beyond

After a day in captivity, a glass of wine is a necessity, and no one wants to struggle with a stubborn cork. Make access to the alcohol easier for your sis with this wine opener  ($49.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond) by Kate Spade. Though she might want to, sis doesn’t have to enjoy the entire bottle at once. The stoppers will encourage her to save some for later and avoid the hangover.

5. Awesome Assistant

Google Home, with the color options for the base

There’s a lot a woman like Olivia Pope needs to know, and she needs to know quickly, before that bomb goes off or before Huck starts yanking out people’s teeth. That’s where Google Home ($129) comes in. Ask it almost anything, and it will immediately respond with the answer. That’s a tool any wise woman could use.

6. Comfortable and Cozy

Puma Rihanna Rising Sun Lace-Up Hoodie

She's fly, but those formfitting suits must be a tad uncomfortable sometimes, especially when she's tidying up crime scenes. So show your sis how to be comfy with a nice Puma Rihanna Rising Sun Lace-Up Hoodie ($150 at Bloomingdale's). Matching lace-up sweatpants are also available for the same price.

7. Bottoms Up

Williams-Sonoma Open Kitchen White Wine Glasses

Cheers! Whether it’s a warm-weather celebration with friends or a frosty evening in front of the fireplace alone, a glass of wine is right on time, and your sis will get her fill with these Williams-Sonoma Open Kitchen White Wine Glasses ($24 for a set of four), which can be monogrammed with your sister’s initials, just in case she’s had so much that she forgets them.

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