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This is a view of the scene where two New York City police officers were killed execution-style as they sat in their marked police car on Dec. 20, 2014 in Brooklyn, N.Y.
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Since the fatal shootings of two New York City police officers Saturday, Reuters reports that the New York City Police Department has arrested six people on charges they threatened police officers.

According to the news site, Tyrone Melville, 41, of Manhattan, was arrested Wednesday after he reportedly called a police station asking to speak to Officer Rafael Ramos. Ramos was one of two officers killed on Saturday—the other was his partner, Wenjian Liu—while sitting inside their patrol car. Gunman Ismaaiyl Brinsley, 28, reportedly had a history of mental illness and earlier Saturday had shot his ex-girlfriend, Shaneka Thompson, in the stomach.


During Wednesday’s call, authorities say, Melville asked if the bullets had been removed from Officer Ramos' head so that he could use them to "kill more cops."

Police charged Melville Thursday with "making terroristic threats, a felony, and aggravated harassment, a misdemeanor," Reuters reports. 


Also Wednesday, police arrested and charged 26-year-old Jose Maldonado with making terrorist threats after he reportedly posted photos of weapons alongside threats to kill police on his Facebook page.   

According to police officials who spoke with Reuters, four others have been arrested and charged with making terrorist threats on police since the officers were killed.


Reuters notes that Vice President Joe Biden is expected to attend the funeral service for Ramos this coming Saturday and adds that Liu's funeral arrangements are still pending because his family is in China.  

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