50 Percent of White Folks Admit That They Will Happily Condemn Us All to Four More Years of Excruciating Hell

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I believe it was fabled author Damon Young who once stated that “white people won’t save you.” But just in case you’re unclear on their utter willingness to condemn us all to the fiery depths of hell, allow me to enlighten you.


According to Newsweek, Hill-HarrisX conducted a poll in which they presumably asked white folks, “Your dumb ass is gonna vote for Trump again in November, huh?” And after plucking the cashews from their potato salad, half of them gleefully responded, “You goddamn right I am!”

From Newsweek:

Roughly 50 percent of white voters would vote to re-elect Republican President Donald Trump if the election were held today, according to a new poll by Hill-HarrisX.

Overall, the poll found that 43 percent of voters would choose Biden in a present-day matchup whereas 40 would choose Trump. In a mid-July poll by Hill-HarrisX, Biden had a 7-point national lead over Trump.

If only it were as easy as only allowing Black women to vote in November, but that onus shouldn’t fall squarely on their shoulders. So I’m gonna need white folks and Kanye to get their lives together so we can collectively punt Trump through the uprights.

As news of this poll has begun to spread, there’s been a bit of a civil war on Twitter. Many of our self-inducted “allies” refuse to be mistaken for Trump supporters and are going to great lengths to sing an all too familiar refrain: “Not all white people.”


While the rest of us knew better, but still tried our best to fake shock and awe.


For those wondering how other demographics (that actually season their food properly) fared, you’ll be happy to learn that Trump got molly whopped.

Biden beat Trump among all other non-politically-affiliated voter demographics. Biden’s largest leads over Trump occurred in Black voters by 65 percentage points, Hispanic voters by 22 points, both voters aged 18 to 34 and voters earning under $75,000 a year by 14 points and female voters and Western regional voters by 11 points.


However, for Southern regional voters, voters who’ve attended more than four years of college and anyone over the age of 65, Biden barely squeaked out a victory—and by barely, I mean by one percent.

The eternal optimist buried deep within me wants to tell you that there’s still plenty of time for white people to come to their senses, but don’t hold your breath. We’ve been down this road before.


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I was going to ask how someone with more than 4 years of college can’t recognize an incompetent grifter when they see one, but then I remembered Ben Carson went to med school, and Michael Cohen/Rudy Giuliani both went to law school. So, obviously, that shit doesn’t mean you’re smart.