5 TV Shows That Film Execs Must Leave Alone

The Cosby Show (Gene Trindl/IMDb.com); Good Times (IMDb.com); Diff'rent Strokes (Herb Ball/IMDb.com)

(The Root) — Do you miss J.J. and Willona? What about James and Florida Evans? Well, Sony Pictures and producer Scott Rudin hope you do, since they, along with screenwriter Phil Johnston (Wreck-It Ralph), are in the throes of refashioning the 1970s sitcom Good Times for the big screen.

Honestly, with all of the comic-based films and 1980s-television-show remakes, like the Iron Man franchise and 21 Jump Street — though that last one was actually entertaining — we don't expect much creativity from Hollywood these days, but Good Times? Come on. Dusting off the 1970s hardships that James and Florida faced with their three kids in the Chicago projects will be even more painful than another Big Momma's House. Sorry, Martin.


Speaking of, here are five more black sitcoms we pray don't come up in a caffeine-fueled, Tinseltown pitch meeting.

'Family Matters'

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