The Ashburn Colored School, which was founded in 1892 to educate black children in northern Virginia
Louden School for the Gifted

Five Virginia teens have been charged in the racist vandalism of a historic African-American schoolhouse, WJLA reports. 

The Ashburn Colored School, now called the Old Ashburn Schoolhouse, was built in 1892, and earlier this month it was defaced with "white power" signs, swastikas, drawing of genitals and other derogatory messages.

The five teens were identified earlier this month but were served juvenile petitions this week charging them with "felony destruction of property and misdemeanor entering property of another for the purpose of damaging it,” a statement from the Loudoun commonwealth's attorney confirmed.

Four of the boys are 16, and one is 17. Their names were not released because of their ages.

At the time the vandalism occurred, the old schoolhouse was being rehabilitated by the Loudoun School for the Gifted for students to learn about the history of the community, as well as to find a way to give back.


The schoolhouse has since been repainted, with over 600 volunteers and friends helping with the repair.

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