J. Cole and Miguel (NecoleBitchie.com)

From Black Enterprise's Darren Sands:

Would you believe me if I said … that it took me a while to come around on J. Cole’s first single from his forthcoming album? I’m not quite sure why. If not for the embarrassment I felt when a friend very badly sang Miguel’s desperate and syrupy, “baby, I want you to waaaaant meeee” in tandem with some ladies at a lounge, I would have had no idea the song was so popular. Late for that.

For J. Cole and notably of late, frequent Cole collaborator Kendrick Lamar, songs about relationships can be a double entendre for the relationship with hip-hop game, business and personal relationships, the struggle for identity, the ups, the downs. Common is the godfather of the device.

This is how we break it down…

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