Following your passion and doing what you love as a career forces many professionals to take risks and encounter failures along the way. For many, this risk includes leaving your traditional 9-to-5 and stepping out on your own as you focus on creating and building your brand. While the idea of making your dreams a reality is scary to some, below are four professionals who dish personal advice on why they followed their passion and the career lessons they learned along the way.

Whitney Stringer Director, Whitney Stringer PR & Events

On diversifying options: While I was looking to transition from one public relations firm to another, I was also being approached for freelance projects that matched my interest. I soon decided to forgo the safe route of working with an agency to pursue starting my own company. As a publicist, I recognized the importance of being able to think like an editor or reporter so I took on a side gig as a digital blogger. Now I understand both sides.

Photo Credit: Whitney Stringer

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