Abby Dean    
Courtesy of Fox 6

A baby sitter got more than she bargained for when she told the little girl she was baby-sitting to lie.

Four-year-old Abby Dean ruined her baby sitter’s plan to frame the next-door neighbor for a robbery she conspired to commit with her boyfriend on the house where she was baby-sitting, according to Fox 6.


On Wednesday the Dean residence was burglarized. The 17-year-old baby sitter told police that the home had been robbed by two armed black men. She then told Abby to say that one of the assailants resembled the next-door neighbor.

“That was really her being bad. She’s not a good baby sitter,” Abby told Fox 6.

Police arrested the neighbor, Cody Oaks, and held him for questioning for nearly six hours.

Amid the confusion, Abby told police that the suspects were white, not black.

“It wasn’t the right skin color,” Abby told the news station.

The baby sitter eventually confessed to planning the home invasion with her boyfriend and one other male suspect, the news station reports.


Oaks hopes that the baby sitter recognizes that she put his life in danger by falsely accusing him.

“It’s kinda sad ’cause I don’t think she realizes the dangerous position she put me in,” Oaks said.


Each suspect is facing charges of robbery, burglary and perjury, the news station reports.

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