4 More Years of Racism Toward the President


The election did nothing to slow the racial hatred directed at President Obama, Micahel H. Cottman writes at BlackAmericaWeb.

It was bad enough that conservative blowhard Ann Coulter called Obama a "retard," but now that Obama has soundly thrashed Mitt Romney to re-claim the White House, angry bigots are coming out of the shadows.

Take Denise Helms, a 22-year-old California woman who was living in complete obscurity until last week's racial meltdown.

 "Another 4 years of this nigger," Helms wrote on her Facebook page on Election Night. "Maybe he will get assassinated this term…"

Helms' bigoted comments went viral instantly and she became a dubious celebrity of sorts overnight.

I'm not surprised by Helms' racist rant on Facebook. And she's not alone.

Helms is probably saying publicly what many conservatives are saying — or thinking — privately, much like Romney's infamous secret video where he told a group of wealthy donors that "47 percent" of Obama's supporters are mooching off the system and do not take personal responsibility for their lives.

Sadly, many conservatives will never see Obama as a brilliant Harvard Law School graduate, a caring father and husband, a compassionate visionary who defied the odds to win election to the White House — twice. Many Republicans will only focus on race — America's first African American president who has been rudely reduced to the N-word.


Read Michael H. Cottman's entire piece at BlackAmericaWeb.

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