4 Kids Hospitalized After Texas Mom Let Them Ride on Car Hood and Trunk

Kisha Young
Screenshot/CBS News 
Kisha Young
Screenshot/CBS News 

A Texas mom is facing charges of intoxication assault after authorities say she allowed six children—ranging from ages 8 to 14—to ride on the hood and truck of her Chevrolet Malibu because their clothes were wet after a trip to the community pool, NBC 5 reports.


Four of those children were rushed to the hospital, following the Tuesday incident, after they were thrown from the car when Kisha Young took a corner too fast, NBC 5 reports. According to the report, the 39-year-old did not realize that the kids had fallen and were injured until she reached the end of the block.

The four children who had been on the trunk of the Malibu were injured and taken to Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth. 

"Well of course we don't know what they were thinking," Crowley Police Officer C.C. Meadows told the station. "However, they weren't thinking safety."

Three of those injured were treated and released, but a 12-year-old girl had to be transported to another area hospital for treatment of a severe head injury.

There was another adult in the car with the group, but as of Thursday that person's name had not been released, as police were still investigating. Additional charges on both adults were pending, NBC 5 notes.

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