300 Men March Movement Arrives in DC

Members of 300 Men March

Marchers coming from Baltimore as part of 300 Men March have reached the nation’s capital, WUSA 9 reports. According to the report, the group started off on Sunday and are expected to wind up at the White House as part of the initiative to raise awareness about community violence.

The Washington Post reports that the group consists of just over 40 people, who started the grueling walk around 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, taking some rests.


"The work to reduce violence is not going to be comfortable, it's not going to be convenient, it's not going to be a luxury activity, but it's something that we have to do," organizer Munir Bahar told WUSA 9.

"We need men specifically to get off the couch, to get involved in these young people's lives in the community and really take it as a personal thing," he added. "Take ownership of the violence. Take responsibility for your own community and step into these young folks' lives; be the intervention that is needed to really guide them away from making these life-altering decisions."


Read more at WUSA 9 and the Washington Post.

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