Now, anyone familiar with BET’s the Real Husbands of Hollywood would look at that headline and probably think “Career lessons? All I see is hilarious debauchery from a cast full of successful men poking fun at reality TV.” But what I see is a group of men who have been able to leverage their networks and create their own lane to expand their brands and visibility. So beyond the foolery and tear-inducing laughs, here are career lessons from the show, which recently aired its reunion with host LaLa Anthony:

1. Never take yourself too seriously. There’s humility in being able to poke fun at yourself and share a few laughs. This ensures you can rock through the hard times of your career with ease and always motivate yourself to be greater. When you can balance serious boss moves with having a bit of fun, you’re more likely to attract positive people who can help advance your career. You’re also least likely to become so ego-inflated that you can’t see where you really are in life and evaluate the good with the bad accordingly.

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