Clutch magazine's Britni Danielle runs down the issues that she says keep us trapped: fear, shame and anger.

As I do most Saturday nights, this past weekend I tuned into the Suze Orman show. While my finances are certainly not up to Suze's standards yet, her show serves as a good reminder that I need to stay on top of my money so that I'm able to live a life of financial freedom.

At the end of Saturday's episode, Suze discussed three things that stood in the way of creating personal wealth.

While many people would say that job prospects, education level, or financial literacy could make or break someone's personal wealth, Suze listed three other — and more important — barriers to reaching the financial Promised Land.

So what were they?

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Britni Danielle is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and novelist. She has covered pop culture, politics and race for outlets such as Essence, Jet and Clutch. Follow her on Twitter.